Artists Represented

by Galerie Litchi

Aylin Éclair

Aylin Éclair is a contemporary artist working with both the abstract-and figurative compositions.

Over the years she has  experimented with a wide range of materials and medias to find her own unique style, including luxurious materials such as 24k gold and 925 sterling silver.

Her art is inspired by both the physical and metaphysical aspects of our world. She does this by composing colours and the metaphysical theories, leaving some space for the observers thoughts to fill in, giving the observer an ease of mind and a sight of relaxation.

Ann Cisse

Ann Cisse paints intuitive art with the purpose of spreading positive, light feelings and comfort for the soul. Her series with The Bird of Joy is her characteristic signum to give a  reminder of our colorful souls, spreading the happiness and positive approach  to life that resides in our inner beings.

In her artwork that contains 24k Gold she uses ancient Viking patterns and mythology, interpreted into colourful art pieces, created by mixed media.